Recessed Lighting Trend – Go for LED lighting!

Complete Renovation done in Queens home – Recessed LED lighting done throughout main floor; hallways, living and dining areas.

Almost all renovations we’ve done for the past few years have been with recessed lighting where possible. On the rise is recessed lighting in the bathroom and even in the shower area. Kitchen, dining room and living room are still the most popular areas. Dimmers are usually installed for lighting control.

If you have plaster ceilings especially in Coops where they may not approve you can go with a drywall drop ceiling if you have enough height.

LED recessed lighting may be more expensive for initial purchase and installation but you win in the long run, you can decrease your wattage by 75% or more. Not only environmentally friendly but significant savings in your electricity bill. See  for more info on LED lighting.

4″ Recessed LED option

4 in. Satin Nickel Recessed LED Retrofit Downlight

Recessed LED actual view with housing

Housing sizes usually run 2-7″, most common 4-5″ lights.

More of our project examples:

Hallway recessed lighting.

Kitchen recessed lighting.

Kitchen recessed lighting in built soffit.

Shower Recessed Lighting