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If you saw our first post the next step after the rough plumbing is done and sheetrock up we started tiling the bathrooms. This project has 2 bathrooms:

Bathroom Plans

Framing, durock, drywall, compound, paint and tile prep done as per plans.

In right bathroom with tub floor tiles are Retro Mosaic in White with Single Flower and black subway wall tiles.

Mosaic in White with Single Flower
Black subway tiles

In left bathroom surround wall tiles are white subway tiles and shower stall wall tiles  are Black Retro 7/8″ x 7/8″ Porcelain Matte Glazed Mosaic. Floor tiles are Retro Porcelain Matte Glazed & Glossy Mosaic in White & Black.

Shower build
Retro Mosaic in White & Black