Post 1 in Complete Renovation Project > Follow Progress!

This is the first post for a current project we are working on in Manhattan started End of April, Beginning of May.
We will keep posting images of the progress of the renovations and descriptions of each step.

Sorry, no Before Pictures because Demo was already done by other company.

First set shows framing and plumbing:
Framing - Complete Renovation
Framing-E 3rd St.
Plumbing-Complete Renovation




















Second set shows drywall and insulation:















Third set set shows skylight installation process:
30.3″ x 45.75″ Fakro skylights┬áincluding flashing kit for optimal seal.






















Check back in a week or two for more posts and progress on the job.

Contact us for any questions related to this post, project or to schedule an estimate for your own future or ongoing renovation.

Thank u!!